Head of Human Resources

Job Description

A reputable non-bank financial institution is seeking to recruit a suitably qualified person for the position of HEAD OF HUMAN RESOURCES to manage the Human Resource Department of the Company.




A. Strategic Human Resource Management

• Prepare and administer budgets for the human resources department.
• Provide strategic advice and support to the company regarding all human
resource issues in the company.
• Oversee the implementation of human resource policies in the company.
• Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the human resource
functions in accordance with established standards and procedures.
• Oversee and manage the work of reporting human resources staff.
• Lead the development of human resource department goals, objectives, and
• Prepare periodic reports for top management, as and when necessary or requested, to track strategic human resource goal accomplishments.
• Develop and administer programmes, procedures, and guidelines to help align the workforce with the strategic goals of the company.

B. Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)

Manage the development and maintenance of the human resources sections of the company’s website, particularly recruiting, culture, company information etc.

C. Training and Development

• Responsible for the development and implementation of training and development policies.
• Lead the implementation of the performance management system that includes performance development plans (PDPs) and employee development programmes.
• Establish an in-house employee training system that addresses company training needs, including training needs assessment, new employee orientation or onboarding, management development, the measurement of training impact, and training transfer.

D. Employment

Establish and lead the standard recruiting and hiring practices and procedures necessary to recruit and hire a superior workforce.

E. Employee Relations

• Formulate and recommend human resource policies and objectives for the company with regard to employee relations.
• Partner with management to communicate human resource policies, procedures, programs and laws.
• Lead the development, implementation, and maintenance of the company health and safety programmes.

F. Compensation and Benefits

• Establish and administer the company’s wage and salary structure, pay policies.
• Lead competitive market research to establish pay practices and pay bands that help to recruit and retain superior staff.
• Lead participation in at least one salary survey every three years.
• Recommend changes in benefits offered, especially new benefits aimed at employee motivation, satisfaction, and retention.

G. Law

• Ensure company’s compliance with all existing governmental, labor, and legal reporting requirements including any related to the Equal Employment Opportunity, or Affirmative Action for the advancement of the under-represented segments of society.
• Direct the preparation and approval of human resource information requested or required for compliance with applicable laws.
• Protect the interests of employees and the company in accordance with the company’s human resources policies and governmental laws and regulations.


A. Key Managerial Competencies
• Ability to plan and organise the department
• Strong Leadership skills.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Strong interpersonal and relationship management skills.
• Excellent conflict resolution and problem-solving skills.
• Critical and analytical thinking and reasoning at the strategic level.
• Excellent organizational skills.
• Negotiation skills.
• Effective presentation and facilitation skills.
• Ability to build strong team and motivate team to achieve results.

B. Technical Competencies

• Knowledge and experience in Strategic Human Resource Management.
• Deep knowledge and experience of managing Performance Management System, particularly Balanced Scorecard.
• Ability to develop and administer Human Resource Policies and procedures.
• Experience in the development and implementation of Talent Management Plan.
• Experience in development and implementation of a Succession Plan.
• Sound working knowledge of Ghana’s Labour Laws (Act 651) and experience in Industrial Relation practice in Ghana.
• Deep knowledge and experience in employment law, compensation, organizational development, training and development, employee welfare.
• Knowledge and experience of Human Resource Information Systems.

C. Educational Qualification and Relevant Experience
• Must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management or related field of study. plus
• Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management and:
• Must be a qualified member of the Institute of Human Resource Management of Ghana or any recognised HRM professional qualification.
• A minimum of 10 years progressive experience in Human Resources Management with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in a management position.
• A bachelor’s degree in Law (LLB) will an advantage.