No you don’t have to pay to apply for a job on African Bagg Recruitment?

Yes you can at a fee. Our team of expertise are ready and on standby to help you polish your CV to help it stand out.

Yes you can. To upload more than one CV, register as a Job Seeker and upload your CV via the Dashboard.

Registered Job Seekers can register for more than one job

Follow best CV building practices. Remember to keep your CV simple and precise, devoid of any clusters or irrelevant information.

Your experience, academic qualification, readiness for the job being applied and being prepared for possible job interview should you be shortlisted.

With an enrolled course, have a check list of your expectations and do well to ask lots of relevant questions during the course sessions. Prior to each session ending. Cross check your course list and communicate with course instructor for any clarifications needed.

Depends on the type of training and the available number of participants enrolled at the particular point of registration.

Our training session helps build you for the job market, boosting your confidence level and providing you with high-end industry knowledge.

No, you can apply for jobs that you have skills in and can support with your work experience and academic qualifications.

The job experience needed for any particular job is dependent on the particular job being applied for. Ideal job experience should fall between the required listed by the employed.

With confidence and articulate. Be ready and look smart.

Be as truthful as you can. Do lots of research and know yourself, your strengths and weakness and let the interview know what you can bring on board should they consider you.

Find out what position you are applying for and bring forth your strengths. Pay attention to the little details. Be you, be unique and find new advances in the position you’re applying for.

Research is key. Be confident, consider other factors prior to the interview and know how much ideally you would consider. When unsure the figure to give, it is advisable to give a range knowing fully well the employer may opt for the lowest on that range.

You can reach out to us via email, phone or social media. You can also book an appointment to come to our office. Find contact details via “Contact Us