Be Ready For The Job!

Preparing for a job interview is one of the hardest phases within “job search” that most job seekers encounter, but the question remains – should preparing for an interview be a moment of tension and frustration as most job seekers arguably find it to be? The answer is No.

Job Interview is a medium that employers or recruiters use to settle on selecting an employee for a company and also to get to know the person behind a resume (CV). This is often the second stage for the job seeker thus after submitting their CV and waiting for be called. Once the call comes through and the employer/recruiter informs you (the job seeker) of being shortlisted for an interview, what do you do next? How do you prepare for a job interview and impress the interviewer, ultimately leading you to being selected for the role that you have applied for.

This article has been broken down into three stage and aims to serve as a guide to help you find the strength of letting go of tension and frustration while you prepare for your next job interview.

First Stage: Before the Job Interview.
Once you have been invited for a job interview:

1. Psych your mind and be physically ready. Find out all you can about the job the role you have applied for, do research both on the particular role and other related areas and update yourself with new information that has emerged within that field (if any). If the role you have applied for has to do with construction or any field which involves active use of physical strength, start preparing as the interviewer can put you into a physical test.

2. Plan the outfit you would be wearing for the interview prior to the day of the interview.
As basic as this may sound, do not wait till last minute before putting your outfit today as there may not be much time and you may be under pressure on the interview day not knowing what to wear. As much as possible, try and dress appropriately taking into consideration the role you have applied for. The statement “First impression counts a lot” is one that you would want to us to your advantage. By dressing appropriately and job ready, you give the employer/recruiter a sense of your readiness for the job and this helps your chance of being offered the job.

3. Be intentional about your need for the job. While you prepare for the job interview, take some time to reflect on why you need the job, what your strong skills are and what the employer can benefit from you if you are considered for the role. Highlighting the benefits the employer can get for hiring you is one of the things you would want to project during the interview when the need arises. This includes your strengths and opportunities you can bring to the table if need be. If instance, if one of your strengths is time management, you may want to mention it during the interview when asked. Eg. If you are asked “Why should we consider you for this role?”. A great answer can be “I believe you should consider me for this job because from our discussion, I can tell that effective time management skill is one of your key requirements and this is one of the things I am really good at.
Considering me for the role would give me the opportunity to help you complete assigned tasks on time if not before deadlines”.

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